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Leather Ring Belt and Pair of Leather Skirt Hikes Set

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Leather Ring Belt and Pair of Leather Skirt Hikes Set

Here is an Accessory set that is perfect for Faire or SCA! It includes one leather ring belt and a pair of leather skirt chasers that are a must have for any SCA or Renaissance outfit! 

The leather belt is a must have for any SCA or Renaissance outfit! Since most pieces of clothing don't have pockets, you need a belt so you can carry your pouches and mugs with you! 

This belt is a standard leather belt, made from 8/9 ounce latigo leather that is fully dyed black or burgundy. It is nice and thick, at an inch and a quarter wide and is long enough to fit at 6 to 7 feet in length. If the belt is too long when you get it, don't worry, it can be cut down with a regular pair of scissors! It can be made with either a silver or gold ring, and of course, would have matching rivets. Just please let me know which you would prefer when you order it! 

Are you tired of your skirts getting too close to the fire or dragging in the mud? Just want to show off more of the under skirt? Need a place to put a drawstring pouch or your keys? These skirt chasers are just the thing to solve your problem!! 

They are made from the same leather as the belt, so they will match perfectly. Each skirt chaser has two silver or gold 1 1/2 inch rings to loop your skirt thru or to use for drawstring pouches or anything you can think of!